Consignment of Your Classic Car

Classic Car Consignment

Selling a car out right is a task that I have perfected over the years. I have several important points to cover when I take on a consignment. Price and time. This is the essence of all business transactions. I did after many years realize that there has to be a time limit on consignment cars. If not I end up with cars that are not selling being stored for free. That means keeping the tires aired, gas in the tank, the car clean and detailed. Storing it inside or undercover. You might say that is the reason for the 10% commission for selling the car. The list goes on and on as you would imagine. Of course if you’re posting a car for sell it should be price right to sell. People who have emotional attachment to the car is usually going to ask too much and doesn't really want to sell the car. This is the hardest problem to identify with my customers.

I’ve had customers bring cars in that they want to sell as roadworthy but, have no brakes. This is dangerous and unsafe. In some cases I will just fix the car and deduct the work and parts along with the commission and everyone is happy. But, some people don’t budge with the unrealistic preconceived profit margin and I end up not taking their car on consignment. They come back years later and the car is in worse condition and I end up buying it for a fraction of their asking price.

So, to avoid problems like these I sit down with the classic car owner and get to know them. Find out what their expectations are and understand what they want as well. Arriving at a selling price is easy for me. I look at the condition of the car. I have encountered every condition of car, concours, excellent, good, poor, bad, demolished, and in buckets. With classic cars there is no standard price just a standard condition which commands the price whatever it is. Using this logic I am able in most cases arrive at price with my customer that both of us can deal with and move forward with the consignment sell of the car.